We have created websites for both individuals, small businesses, and intranet sites for large corporations. Not all sites are listed here (intranet, internal websites).


2020 - Hand-made eCommerce crafts site
2020 - Greek restaurant site.
2020 - Construction and remodeling. Another case where a client became and friend.
2019 - Ecommerce site. Great products. Clever. Made in the USA. Family member and friend. Thanks Harry!
2017 - Gaming website. Lots of features.
2016 - Classic vinyl records eCommerce
2015 - House cleaning
2014 - My sons scouting website. Many features.
2014 - Business to business, eCommerce ... many features.
2013 - Software development site. Information and Blog
2012 - Custom, hand-coded HTML and Flash based site with an image gallery, event calendar and contact form. Very simple, colorful and fast loading. A few hover-over effects with CSS and JavaScript. Mother-in-Laws baking website.
2008 - Ecommerce. Pet Crafts. Very nice prayer beads. My moms side business,
2007 - Ad site for a law firm for a golf outing.
2007 - Associations of Legal Administrators for Maryland.
2004 - Flash based site with animation and music for a local church in Baltimore.
2003 - Online coffee ecommerce
2003 - Band website including show dates, bios, photos, playlist and music samples. HTML and Flash based. Another good friend.
2002 - Second website. One of my favorite customers. Still friends today. Beautiful photographs.
2002 - A local web development team. Site included animations, audio, client login, portfolio, chat. Very old 1.0 web format, but still nice.
2000 - First website. Import / Export trade retail site. Hand coded.